How to get rid of parasites at home?

parasites in the human body

Parasites are organisms that live and develop at the expense of other organisms. Living inside a person, they consume nutrients and vitamins intended for their hosts.

Waste products are excreted poisons and toxins. A person infected with parasites systematically loses the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body. In addition, he experiences an additional burden of processing the waste products given off by unwanted roommates.

More than 100 species of parasites can live in the human body. They can be of various shapes and sizes, from microscopic single-celled organisms to meter-long worms. According to the WHO, parasites and the consequences of their life in the human body cause about 80 percent of all human diseases. According to some reports, up to 95% of the population of our country are carriers of various forms of unpleasant roommates, so we can safely say that every person faces parasites, whether he likes it or not.

Ways and means of infection with parasites

You can get infected with worms in several ways:

  • One of them is through food. Worm larvae are found in meat, raw ham, sausage or fish. They can be found on the surface of unwashed vegetables or fruit and greens.
  • The second source of danger is pets. A large number of parasites can live in the body of beloved pets. Their eggs are released into the environment via feces and are carried around the house by animals on their fur or paws.
  • Another type of household infection is objects that are passed from hand to hand, e. g. B. Money.

Without additional research, it is almost impossible to use intuition to find out the foreign presence in your body. Eventually, the parasite will try to hide its existence by any means necessary to survive. What are the signs of their colonization in the human body? This list is long and diverse.

  • Bowel issues such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas.
  • Skin problems, including hives, rashes, and allergies.
  • Pain in muscles and joints.
  • Anemia.
  • Nervousness, migraines, insomnia.
  • teeth grinding.
  • Constant tiredness.

Parasites can even cause seemingly unrelated diseases such as bronchial asthma, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus and epilepsy. An unborn child can also be infected with parasites from its mother.

Ways to treat helminths at home

Knowing all this, one can appreciate the global scale of parasite infection. In addition, the problem is intimate in nature, so that many feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when visiting the doctor. Therefore, the question arises itself: "How to deal with parasites at home? ". You can use traditional methods or trust traditional medicine.

Medical methods

Modern medicine offers many drugs for expelling worms. The undeniable advantage of such drugs is their one-time use. But you should never take them alone. Each of them has a list of contraindications and side effects. Only a doctor can predict how a drug will affect the body.

But treating helminthiasis with drugs is not always possible. Therefore, these drugs are strictly contraindicated for pregnant women. In such cases, traditional medicine comes to the rescue.

Proven and safe folk methods

  • It's no secret that garlic is one of the best remedies for worms. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt already knew this several thousand years ago, healers in ancient India, seafarers like Columbus and Magellan and even Hippocrates used garlic to ward off parasites.
  • Another well-known remedy is pumpkin seeds. Cucurbitin - a rare amino acid contained in it, has an antihelminthic effect. But they must be raw with an inner green-grey skin. For an adult, it is enough to crush 300 grams and add a little water and honey there. You need to eat the mixture on an empty stomach and after an hour make an enema.
  • Various herbs and their decoctions will effectively help get rid of worms. These are wormwood, St. John's wort, tansy, dandelion, thyme and others. Decoctions and infusions are usually used on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals.

The folk remedies described above are only a small part of the methods used at home to get rid of parasites. It is also worth noting that the worms are afraid of red vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and pomegranates, cloves, cinnamon, walnuts. Nature around us has created hundreds of natural treatment options.

Life-Saving Prevention

Speaking of parasites, one cannot help but mention the importance of preventing the problem. First of all, it is important to pay attention to hygiene. Regular washing of hands, vegetables, and fruits has been and continues to be effective in fighting parasites in the home.

Proper care is also necessary for pets. Thorough cleaning of the tray and regular prevention of helminthiasis in animals will save you and your family from an unpleasant problem.

The use of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements also play an important role. Such drugs contribute to general health, improve digestion and increase the tone of the whole organism, the destruction of parasites and their rapid removal. Various dietary supplements are useful both for treatment and for prevention, they consist exclusively of herbal extracts, are safe for health and have almost no contraindications to use.

Faced with the problem of helminthiasis, there is no need for despair and shame. By consuming the right products, observing the rules of hygiene, taking food supplements or medication if necessary, you will definitely overcome the problem and protect yourself in the future.